Sight, smell, touch and taste, even sound all come into play when you smoke a cigar. It's a journey of the senses. This is the idea behind Sensado® Cigar Company and our flagship line of premium, hand-made Nicaraguan Cigars. 

The City Series is journey within a journey.

From the big city to the beach and the ancient to the modern.


Sensado was born out of a love for cigars and a passion for new ideas. Our goal is to make premium cigars that appeal to adventurous smokers while satisfying even the most discerning, brand loyal aficionados wanting to "get off the beaten path."

Masterfully blended and expertly hand-crafted in Estelí, Nicaragua, Sensado® honors the culture and traditions of premium cigar making and the people whose passion for the craft has made Nicaragua home to many of the greatest cigars in the world.

Tobacco field worker, Plasencia Farm, Estelí, Nicaragua

Sensado Cigars



All of our cigars are carefully blended using only the highest quality tobacco leaves to create an artistic expression that blends these flavor notes in a unique way, connecting to the iconic and memorable experience each cigar represents.

The City Series does this with binder and filler tobaccos grown in the volcanic, mineral rich soils of Estelí and Jalapa, Nicaragua. Wrappers from around the world are chosen to add to the distinct character and flavor that captures the essence of each city.

All Sensado
® Cigars are hand-made and masterfully constructed by the highly skilled people of the Plasencia Cigar Family in Estelí, Nicaragua.


Tel: 404.394.9320  |  info@sensadocigars.com


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